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USN is one of the fastest growing sports nutrition brands in the world, delivering high-quality, world-class nutritional supplements for optimised health and sports performance. Sports performance, weight management and muscle gain are cornerstones of USN's premium product offering, as are wellness products, beverages and protein shakes.



The company was founded in 2000 by Albé Geldenhuys and has been at the forefront of sports nutrition research, with the aim of making effective sports nutrition supplements - as used by professional and non-professional athletes - widely available.

With a dedicated focus to utilising the highest quality raw materials, scientifically relevant products, independent laboratories for quality testing and effective distribution and international availability, the appeal and demand for their products continues to increase. 

Sports performance, weight control and muscle-building supplementation have been cornerstones of USN's premium product offerings, as have wellness products and beverages & bars (since 2006).



One Team - work, support and achieve together.

They are one team and take on any challenge together. They all roll their sleeves up and get involved when it is needed. Every person plays a vital role in their team and they all celebrate success together.

Accountability - see it, own it and do it.

They take ownership of their actions and drive to reach targets. If there's a problem, they think of the best way to solve it together.

Ambition - Strong desire to achieve for yourself and the business

They are go-getters and dream chasers. They work together to progress and drive the brand forward so they can chase greatness together.

Passion - love what you do and inspire others

They love what they do. They love helping people in the wider world find their perfect sports nutrition product and help them reach their goals.



USN employs people that reflect the characteristic qualities of the brand - professional, committed to excellence, health-conscious and goal-driven. Quality and accountability are USN's global underpinning values, and this reflects in the way they conduct their business and the way their staff conduct themselves. Their business is built on the founding ethics of the brand, and this is never compromised in any way.