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Almost all people drink tea or coffee. Some for the taste, some for the effect, some for both.

After water, tea is the most consumed drink. Black and green tea, made from camellia sinensis plant, will provide us with an effective and balanced energy boost thanks to its caffeine content. It also has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects thanks to the catechins it contains. Its caffeine content helps to burn fat and the catechins it contains have general health-promoting effects. 

In addition to energizing teas, we also offer herbal teas such as:

  • Pau d'arco: similar to cinnamon, the bark of the lapacho (pau d'arco) tree is used in medicine. This bark contains both old "dead" wood cells and new and fresh cells full of life, this duality is what gives the lapacho bark its power. It has immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-tumour effects. 
  • Ojibwa: a traditional West American Indian tea that combines the effects of many herbs-medowsweet, liquorice, burdock, sheep sorrel, red elm bark, dandelion and others. This combines many different active ingredients, giving it general health benefits. 
  • Peppermint: stimulates brain function, blood flow and improves digestion, and can also bring relief from abdominal bloating. Improves well-being. It may not be beneficial in cases of reflux bloating, so find out if it works for you.
  • Fat-burning tea blend: combines the fat-burning effects of garcinia cambogia (HCA is the active ingredient), ginger (which contains a fat-burning haematogen similar to capsaicin) and cinnamon with the blood sugar stabilising effects of cinnamon. The perfect choice for anyone who keeps an eye on their figure.
  • Calming tea blend: peppermint leaves help relaxation thanks to their mood-boosting properties, the active ingredients in liquorice root block many nervous system pathways to further increase feelings of relaxation, and medicinal chamomile is a very healthy herb that also has a calming effect. For best effect, drink this tea 1 hour before bedtime or before stressful situations.

How can you make your latte or cappuccino nutrient-dense? Replace milk/milk powder with protein. High protein instant coffees and coffee creamer powders are also available. Consuming these will make it musch easier to reach your daily protein intake.