Weight management

"One of the most important ingredients for successful weight loss is to maintain your willpower. Between the hunger, the cravings, the instability..."

-Sylvia Tara

Once you have the willpower, we add supplements to make the weight loss process easier.

Adhering to a diet doesn't have to be extremely strenuous, but a certain amount of hunger and salt cravings are essential for weight loss. Here you need to persevere with willpower and awareness.

Succesful fat loss depends on two factors:

  • Achieving a calorie deficit (eating less than you burn during the day)
  • Adequate protein intake

If these two factors are met, you will achieve your dream shape over time.

All fat burning supplements make it easier to achieve a calorie deficit. There are some that help the body burn fat cells more efficiently (l-carnitine, caffeine, green tea, garcinia, CLA), some that reduce appetite (fibre) and some that act as a calorie blocker and prevent a nutrient from being used as energy.

Depending on your goals and your condition, these supplements can help to kick-start your weight loss.

We also offer stimulant-free supplements. They are free from caffeine and caffeine-like substances, so people with cardiovascular disease can take them, subject to a doctor's approval.

The main active ingredient in thermogenic fat burners is caffeine. Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis (heat production). During this process some of the energy used is released as heat, which will raise you internal temperature. So more energy is released by caffeine as heat and less is used or stored.

Natural diuretics containing herbal extracts are also available. These can make you look more lean and toned, but only if you have a sufficiently low body fat percentage (15% for men, under 20% for women). 


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