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Protein bars


Proteins, made up of amino acids, make up a large part of our muscles, bones, ligaments, teeth and skin. During exercise and movement, the proteins that make up muscles are damaged, and when these damaged proteins are recovered, the muscles grow, but they need building blocks (amino acids - protein). 

If we want to lose weight, so that the weight lost is actually fat, the body needs to have the amino acids it needs to build muscle. If this is the case, then in an energy deficit state (where we take in the less energy from meals than we eat), our bodies will prefer to turn to fat stores rather than muscle protein. All human needs a certain amounts of protein, since the enzymes that 'run' our body's chemical reactions are also proteins. Protein is therefore an essential nutrient for life.

People who do not exercise should take 1.2-1.5 grams*kg of protein per day. For individuals who exercise, no more than 1.5-2 grams*tbsp of protein per day is needed. If you play very hard sports, aim fot the upper limit. However, above this, studies report no extra effect, just unnecessary strain on the digestive system. It is also not reasonable to change these values during weight loss and weight gain. So, for a man who is a hard athlete weighing 80 kg, the protein intake requires is 160 grams of protein. 

For many people it can be difficult to get that much protein. That's why convenient and delicious protein bars were invented. They provide 20-25 grams of muscle-building protein per serving.

Don't like smoothies? But you love crunchy sweets and chocolate? Then our delicious protein bars are for you, the perfect snack. A great choice even when you don't have enough time to prepare your meals, just have 1-2 protein bars in your bag and you can eat them any time.