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Vitamin D is an all-inclusive term, covering several molecules with similar structures and the same effect. Recently, vitamin D has become the focus of more and more research, so there is no doubt now that it's role in the body is much more than maintaining bone health.

Collagen has become one of the most used active ingredient in the beauty industry. It is used in creams and serums, but collagen tablets, powders, gummies and liquid formulas are also very popular. You can choose as you want, as there is a huge range of products.

The effects of chlorophyll are beneficial for the whole body. In this article, we'll find out what effects it has in addition to helping blood formation, and the best natural sources of chlorophyll.

With a little attention and awareness, we can do a lot to protect long-term health and the effective prevention of diseases. Even among those who lead a conscious lifestyle, many people forget to pay attention to the protection of their joints.

January is a time of big changes. Many people vow to change their lifestyle. However, it’s easy to forget that losing weight and changing the old, comfortable habits is not an easy process and by March or April you will notice that you run out of  motivation.

Feeling tired all the time? Doesn't getting enough sleep or rest help? Can't afford to rest more and need to stay on top? Do you do demanding mental and/or physical work? Is the success of a whole team/family depending on your performance?

After the Christmas and New Year feasts, many people start the New Year with big plans and resolutions. This could be a good time to try something new. Joining the Veganuary challenge is a great opportunity for this. 

Every man wants a body that radiates masculinity. Whether it’s a bulging muscle, a lean physique or the body of the Greek gods themselves. I bet, my dear man, that’s what you secretly desire! And we’re here to help!

You know the scenario: the menu is full of countless dishes, you can't resist a delicious bite to eat and you're curled up on the sofa all day watching Christmas movies.

The immune system is the main defence system of the human body, consisting of many different functional units. Its job is to produce antibodies and cells that fight dangerous and harmful foreign elements. The body encounters such undesirable substances every day. It is thanks to our immune system that we ourselves rarely notice this constant.

The good news is that Christmas and winter holidays will soon be here. But the bad news is that it also means exam season is upon us, with its mad rush, sleepless nights and constant stress.

How to get through the autumn-winter without colds, constant absences from nursery/school and frequent visits to the doctor?