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The good news is that Christmas and winter holidays will soon be here. But the bad news is that it also means exam season is upon us, with its mad rush, sleepless nights and constant stress.

How to get through the autumn-winter without colds, constant absences from nursery/school and frequent visits to the doctor?

Every regular gym-goer or outdoor sports enthusiast dreams of a muscular body. Whether it's endurance, strength or shaping exercise. Do you want to have slim muscles or bulging muscles? We can help!

Look at their products and trust the manufacturer based on those! For 10 years, this principle has guided the OstroVit brand. From the hills and valleys of Poland, quality nutrients and supplements are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Quoting Albert Szent Györgyi, the pioneer of nutritional supplements and the discoverer of polyphenols and vitamin C: "The human brain was designed by nature to recognize advantageous situations, to help people stay alive every day. The brain is the organ of survival.”.

Sleep is such a seemingly simple process that ends with a great end result: happiness and freshness. Though the procedure that takes place in our body is rather complicated; for many of us, falling asleep itself is a process that requires enormous effort. Due to the constant awakenings, a good night's sleep can often be missed.

It’s not all the same at all how much sugar is in our blood. Not only does our blood glucose affect our appetite, muscle building and weight loss, but it also affects our general health. So the blood glucose level - better said, the insulin level - affects every hormone in our body.