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Complex amino acids

Amino acids, essential for the functioning of the human body, are the basic "building blocks" of proteins. Over 500 different amino acids are known in nature.

There are 20 unknown amino acids that make up proteins and are encoded in our DNA. In addition to building proteins, amino acids are involved in many metabolic processes. 9 amino acids are essential and cannot be produced by the human or animal body, or can only be produced in insufficient quantities.

Replenishing these amino acids is crucial for everyone. Higher amounts are needed by people who perform regular physical work or sports.

Complex amino acid supplements are designed to enhance a particular effect.

The combination of BCAA and glutamine is effective in stimulating muscle protein and reducing fatigue.

The combination of the amino acids L-citrulline and L-arginine and L-ornithine effectively stimulates blood flow by increasing nitric oxide (NO). This results in a powerful pre-workout "burst".

We have supplements that contain amino acids from a single protein source (chicken, eggs and beef), which have the advantage of providing the amino acids they contain, but unlike protein powders, they are considered to be almost zero calorie.