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No matter what we do, it can easily happen that we just can't fall asleep. Maybe for some reason, our body produces less melatonin than is necessary for restful sleep. We are talking about a hormone that our brain produces to be able to rest enough in a quality way. If we can sleep enough, our body's regeneration processes will work properly, we will start to age later, and our memory will be better. Melatonin products can help us with the time difference experienced when travelling, if we work the night shift, but they are also effective when we are going through a more stressful perdiod. 


What is melatonin?

For the production of melatonin, the pineal glad in the midbrain is responsible. Under the influence of darkness - normally - the feeling of sleepiness appears: the optic nerves send a signal to the pineal gland, which starts working and floods our body with the hormone. When the optic nerves are exposed to sunlight or blue light emitted by electronic devices, the secretion of melatonin does not start properly. 

Melatonin has many beneficial effects on our body's regenerative processes, including metabolism and memory. On the other hand, the lack of the hormone can even result in long-term chronic exhaustion, from which about 30 percent of the Hungarian population suffers from various reasons. Exhaustion can lead to deconcrentation, reduced muscle work, irritability, and forgetfulness, and over time, we can even gain weight due the lack of sleep. 


What causes can lead to melatonin deficiency?

Increased stress can hinder the production of the sleep-promoting hormone. The decrease in melatonin levels can be temporary or permanent, and severe or mild. People who work multiply shifts, experience jet lag, expectant mothers, the elderly, and those who perform strenuous mental work may be affected by the disorder. Nowadays more and more people struggle with sleep disorders, any one can experience melatonin deficiency for a shorter or longer time. 


What are the benefits of taking melatonin? 

The primary advantage is that we will be more rested. Normally, we should spend a thrid of our lives sleeping - and our sleep time should also be of good quality.  The extra melatonin intake helps with this: it ensures deep sleep for a sufficient time, during which our brain can process what happened during the day, and our muscles and tissues can regenerate. As a result of rest, the serotonin level increases, and we can wake up fresher and in a good mood in the morning. 

Secondly, we can enjoy all the benefits of relaxation. Our concentration increases, we can handle everyday stress better, our skin will be more beautiful and we will also be satisfied with our performance. Our immune system will be stronger and more effective against seasonal diseases and infections. 

The anti-inflammatory effect of melatonin has also been proven. One of the ˝side effects˝ of adequate melatonin levels is that there is less chance of becoming overweight - according to some research, melatonin and weight loss are closely related.


When should you use a food supplement that contains melatonin? 

Although melatonin supplementation is safe according to experts, it is important to mention that it is a naturally occurring hormone. Thus, it is worth adjusting its use to the natural processes of our body as much as possible. So it is recommended to take the appropriate dose for us approximately 2 hours before sleep, which - if possible - should be adjusted to sunset. With this, we help the natural processes of our body! 


What should you pay attention to when supplementing melatonin?

Melatonin is available in several packages, so we are sure to find one that meets our needs. According to experts, an average person suffering from sleep disorders should supplement between 0.5 and 5 milligrams of melatonin from an external source. In extreme cases, more may be needed. Since the body also produces some, and melatonin can be found in certain meats, vegetables, grains, and fruits, it is good to start supplementing with smaller doses. After that, we can experience how much our body needs. Do not take more than necessary, because this can cause lethargy, deconcentration, and fatigue the next day: in other words, we achieve the opposite of what we wanted. 


Vitamin360's range of melatonin

When compiling the product range of the Vitamin360 online store, we tried to keep in mind that our customers' needs are diverse, and their problems may also be different. The melatonin-containing preparations have been selected in such a way that everyone can find the one that is must suitable for them, both in terms of packaging, price category, and active ingredient content. 

The boxes usually contain enough for 1-3-6 months. We don't have to give up restful sleep even if we are vegetarians, vegans, lactose intolerant or even gluten intolerant: we can find gluten-free and even kosher products. In terms of their active ingredient concentration, melatonin-containing, sleep-supporting products are available from 500 micrograms to 20 milligrams. 

In our online store, melatonin preparations are not only available in tablet form. We also thought about those who don't like or can't swallow capsules easily - we have prepared syrups and oral sprays with different concentrations of active ingredients for them. Melatonin-containing gum is one of the specialities of dietary supplements: it looks more like a snack than a food supplement. You can also choose from products that are designed so that their active ingredients are absorbed over a long period: some take effect in 6 hours. 

If you've tried everything and still can't get a restful sleep, take a look at our online store - you're guaranteed to find a solution to your problem with us!