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Water pills

Natural diuretics can help get rid of extra water.

Dehydration is particularly important when someone is significantly overweight and/or has cardiovascular problems, as water retention can be significant and cause health problems. If you have water retention it can affect your blood pressure and heart. Consult a doctor before using any nutritional supplements.

Many people can also experience water retention from sitting or standing, this is due to poor circulation - if there is not enough blood flow to carry the fluid away, it can build up. In such cases, a natural diuretic may also be beneficial.

For those with a low body fat percentage (below 15% for men, below 20% for women), the extra water expelled with further improve our already lean/shapely figure.

Natural diuretics include: dandelion root extract, parsley, lettuce, medical bearberry.

Another ingredient in diuretics is potassium, as potassium deficiency can occur as a result of water loss, and all diuretics contain potassium to prevent this.