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Universal Nutrition



You won't find better than Universal Nutrition products if quality is your primary concern when it comes to healthy body shaping. For more than 40 years, the manufacturer has worked tirelessly to provide its customers with pure products made with only the finest ingredients. Founded in the 1970s, the American company now supplies the bodybuilding community worldwide with unparalleled products in nearly 100 countries. However. you don't have to be a bodybuilder to enjoy the quality of Universal Nutrition: despite appearances, Vitamin360 also offers supplements from the renowned and popular manufacturer fot those who want to stay healthy with a normal workout plan.


Universal Nutrition products history

The company's journey started in a small town in New Jersey. The first manufacturing plant was founded in 1977 in Linden, and is still run by the same family that dreamed up an uncompromising range of nutritional supplements from the begining. Over the years, the manufactoring technology has been modernised - today it is one of the most advanced companies on the market in this respect - but the old values and ideals are still represented in the company: quality, reliability and pure ingredients.

Today, Universal Nutrition has grown to become one of the best-known brands. This success is due to the fact that their philosophy has been based on 5 pillars since the beginning:

  • Quality: thanks to production technology and controls, every stage of the manufacturing process is carried out to the highest standards.
  • Service: they provide all their customers with the best possible service, including comprehensive information.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: the brand's secret is to evolve based on customer feedback. The manufacturer asks for and values customer feedback and develops along these lines.
  • Reliability: they've been delivering outstanding quality for decades, now recommended by eight-time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman.
  • Constant innovation: the product development team is made up of doctors, professional athletes and trainers who are constantly working to find the best solutions to the problems of bodybuilders and athletes with Universal Nutrition products. One of the company's key principles is that they can only remain credible if they follow the same path as their customers.


What products does Universal Nutrition produce?

Universal Nutrition's products are mainly aimed at athletes and bodybuilders, but the company also manufacturers products that offer the average person a health maintenance option.

For bodybuilders and athletes, there are high quality carbohydrate formulas, fat burners, bulking agents and various isolates, as well as protein products made from a variety of ingredients. But the company has thought of everyone: in addition to a balanced diet, you can do a lot for your health by choosing Universal Nutrition's vitamins, essential fatty acids, trace elements and amino acids.


Benefits of Universal Nutrition products

The biggest advantage of the manufacturer's products is that there are not "just" researchers behind the manufacturing technology. The main driving force behind their philosophy is that they entrust the development of their products to doctors, professional athletes and nutritionists with a wide range of professional experience. They believe that their credibility can only be maintained if they can provide first-hand access to the finest ingredients, as well as complete expertise. They believe that activity in the gym represents strength of mind and character, and it is their job to provide the right backing for this through nutritional supplements and high quality professional support. The brand has added adventage of offering unquestionable quality at affordable prices and in convenient packaging. The product range is designed to meet all body shaping needs.


What are the best-selling Universal Nutrition products?

Natural Sterol Complex™ - Muscle Bulking Matrix

One of the best formulated supplements in its category today. It contains a quality blend of the most powerful anabolic sterols and phytonutrients. Its effectiveness has been proven by strenght athletes for decades. If you need a natural solution, look no further: with this product, can you achieve the lean mass you've been aiming for.


Uni-Liver - Cow liver extract, amino acid

The highest quality amino acid formula, probably in the world. The tablets contain high purity, natural argentine beef liver extract. The products contains the full spectrum of amino acids as well as other essential substances found only in the liver. The naturally dehydrated and defatted liver is cold processed for absolute purity.


100% Beef Aminos™ - Beef isolate amino acid

Like Universal Nutrition products, this is a high potency supplement. It is composed of the highest quality beef protein isolate and extracts from pure, dried Argentine beef liver. It contains the full spectrum of key amino acids such as EAA and BCAA. The formula harnesses the anabolic properties of beef. If your goal is to build lean mass, look no further.


What Universal Nutrition products are available at Vitamin360?

The online store has around 100 products available for athletes and people with average lifestyle. From vitamin C and multivitamins to essential amino acids, trace minerals and essential fatty acids, joint protectors, bulking agents, fat burners and high quality proteins. Universal Nutrition products are among the purest supplements available today, and are waiting to help you achieve your highest goals. In addition, Universal Nutrition branded sportswear and shakers are also available for complete convenience.