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Our complex movement is created by the skeleton, joints, ligaments, muscles and the nervous system that consciously controls them. Two bones are connected by joints, which are involved in frictionless displacement thanks to synovial fluid. 

Muscle is connected to bone by tough yet felxible ligaments. Their hardness provides stability and their elasticity greatly faciliates (as springs) the efficient transfer of energy, making movement much easier. Our muscles will move the bones based on information sent by the nervous system. Each of these elements is essential for proper movement, our body works as a unit in this respect. 

In many cases, in the pursuit of general mobility fitness, people focus only on the muscles and neglect the joints and ligaments.

However, in the long term, the health of joints and ligaments is just as important as that of the muscles. Serious injuries can develop, such as fractures, strains, tears, chronic inflammation (tendonitis, bursitis), etc.

As we get older, it becomes even more important to protect our joints, partly because the metabolism decreases and the regenerative and healing processes are reduced. Daily use damages the cells that make them up, and if there is inadequate recovery, the inflammation increases until it reaches a point where it becomes chronic arthritis (osteoarthritis - affecting both bones and joints, rheumatois arthritis - affecting joints, tendonitis - affecting ligaments).

When we use the joint ligaments during hard training, they are damaged in the same way as the muscles. To regenerate the muscles we eat protein, but joints also require certain specific substances (collagen, MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin) which are difficult to get from our diet.

UC-II collagen is specifically involved in reducing inflammation within joints.

Turmenic extract is a very important anti-inflammation and antioxidant agent and stimulates nutrient supply to the joints - providing the nutrients needed for recovery - which is critical as the inside of joints have a very low metabolism, making internal healing processes very slow. 

Omega 3 is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, and is therefore an effective ingredient in many complex joint protectors.

We can offer each of these active ingredients in single form or in complex (all active ingredients) form.