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Shampoos & body lotions


For many diseases and hormonal problems, it is immediately recommended that we reduce our exposure to xenoestrogens as musch as possible, so it is recommended that we replace our beauty products with products made from 100% natural ingredients as much as possible. 

We also have natural shampoos. Different hair care products are suitable for different hair types, which is why we offer natural shampoos free of harmufl substances especially for dry, spilt ends or thick hair. 

We also have body lotions that moisturise, tighten skin cells and eliminate cellulite. The special thing about these lotions is that they also contain extra active ingredients such as vitamin D, cocoa beans and magnesium, giving your skin even more nutrients to protect and revitalise your skin cells, making it look even more like a baby's bottom - firm and soft.

Our natural hair care shampoos and lotions are free from harmful substances, parabens, BPA and xenoestrogens.