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Nutritional oil

It is very important for our health that the fat used for frying and cooking is thermostable. Because heat treatment changes the structure of fatty acids. The structure of unsaturated fatty acids is partially altered by heat treatment and they become so-called trans fats, which can have harmful effects on health and increase inflammation in the body.

Saturated fatty acids, on the other hand, retain their structure even when exposed to heat. So when frying, saturated fatty acids are preferred to unsaturated fatty acids when eaten raw.

Our range includes avocado and coconut fats frying oils with high saturated fat content.

In addition to frying oils, we also offer MCT oils. MCT oil is a healthy fat burning oil. MCT oil has a unique way of stimulating the production of ketone bodies, so it can benefit any individual following a low carbohydrate diet or ketogenic diet. How to make your morning coffee even healthier? Swap the milk/dairy powder (and sugar/sweetener) to MCT oil (we call this 'bulletproof' coffee). Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach and you won't be hungry until noon. MCT oil is a super healthy and diet friendly nutrient. The fats are specifically designed to fill you up, so if you drink MCT coffee in the morning, you'll be hungry much later. Plus, MCT oil stimulates the breakdown of fats - so it can help you lose weight too, so once you've drunk it, you have to do is not eat untal noon (or until you can stand it).

Also available is liquid fish oil, which contains Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids. I mentioned earlier that raw unsaturated fatty acids are best consumed. Omega 3 is the king of unsaturated fatty acids. It has incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and in my opinion, in addition to multivitamins and minerals, what everyone should be taking is Omega 3.