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Fit foods

You know what every dieter dreams of? To eat calorie-reduced version of their favourite foods, with the same delicious flavour as the regular versions.

That's why we offer you protein pancake powders, fudge, puddings (custard powders), jell-o (jelly desserts) and similar sweets. No need to sacrifice your favourite foods on the altar of your diet! Dieting doesn't have to be a misery, just a matter of making smart choices. Choose these foods, which are lower in calories than their traditional counterparts.

We also offer sugar-free peanut, pistachio and nut creams that are just like the real! Smear it on protein pancakes or protein waffles and you've got a high protein added sugar free sweet bomb.

And our seeds (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts) provide our bodies with "good" fats called unsaturated fats. These fats recude the risk of cardiovascular disease and have anti-inflammatory effects in general. By spreading our seeds or dairy-free butter on your bread, you can increase the nutritional value of your sandwich.

We also have the "king" of honeys. Manuka honey, which comes from the home of the Maori people in New Zealand. Its speciality is that it contains hydrogen peroxide, a free radical - yes, you heard that right free radical that causes cell damage in large quantities, which is what antioxidants are all about. But hydrogen peroxide doesn't just damage our own cells, it also damages the cells of infections (viruses and bacteria), which is why hydrogen peroxide has powerful anti-infective effects. Manuka honey contains just enough hydrogen peroxide to not damage our own cells, but start to incredibly healthy detoxification pathway.