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What's a sweet tooth's nightmare when it comes to lifestyle changes? That if they eat sugar-free, they can't eat sweets. That's why our calorie-free (!) sweeteners will save all the sweet tooth.

There is a widespread belief that artificial sweeteners are unhealthy beacuse they are made in a laboratory. However, not everything found in nature is healthy - think of hte fly agaric or the cyanide found in peach seeds. Also, not all synthetic nutrients will be unhealthy.

Research on the health effects of artificial sweeteners is mixed, but they are not nearly as dangerous as many people think.

However, most of the sweeteners we offer are natural, among others:

  • Xylitol: this is a sugar alcohol, it has calories, but they are musch less than sugar (about a third) and it is absorbed much more slowly, so it raises blood sugar levels less.
  • Stevia and monk fruit: zero calorie sweeteners, they are indigestible by the body, so they have the body as soon as they are ingested.  

Both sweeteners are much sweeter than sugar, so you need much less of them. Zero calorie (indigestible sweeteners) are considered by many to be carcinogenic because they are thought to accumulate in the body and trigger tumour formation in the long term due to their indigestibility. This is far from the truth, on this principle indigestible fibres would also be carcinogenic - they are not, in fact their intake is essential for our organisms. Indigestibility means that they only leave our bodies in an unchanged (or slightly different) form, because the stomach and intestinal tract have an inlet and an outlet.