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Many people think of NAC, which is increasingly popular these days, as a type of vitamin, but in fact it is an amino acid which is very rick in antioxidants that support our body. This is an extremely versatile nutrient, which is by no means new: it has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for a very long time as a ˝miracle product˝for many health problems. Coughing or improving memory: these are just some of the problems for which we may find the solution for by taking it. In Vitamin360 products, we can find this important guardian of our body both in powder form and as capsules - below we will explain even more why we love it so much! 


What exactly is NAC? 

NAC stands for N-Acetyl Cysteine. In its natural state, this crystalline, white, sulfur-containing powder is a semi-essential amino acid that our body can produce itself from methionine. However, if the intake of methionine is low, it may be necessary to supplement it - which can be done by eating onions, yogurt, cheese, eggs, legumes or sunflower seeds. 

NAC's main strenght lies in the fact that it promotes the production of one of our body's most important detoxification compounds, the antioxidant glutathione. But it's medical effect does not end there!


What are the main benefits of taking NAC? 

The best expectorant

It may seem surprising at first, but this amino acid has been a resident of pharmacies for a very long time - as an active ingredient in expectorants and cough suppressants. It is one of the best natural treatments for various respiratory diseases (tracheitis, emphysema, sore throat, COPD, allergies, etc.), as it not only helps to cough up phlegm, but also reduces coughing attacks. For people with COPD, for example, 1,200 mg of NAC per day is enough to improve their lung function and relieve their excruciating symptoms. 


Guardian of our immune system and liver 

It reduces our inflammatory processes, so it can not only alleviate our arthritis, but also prevent the reproduction of viruses. It also helps to regulate our blood sugar levels, and due to its ability to regenerate the liver, it also relieves hangover symptoms.


Improves insulin resistance

It also reduces the inflammation of fat cells, which is why it also helps those suffering from insulin resistance. 


A weapon against addictions

It can alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana, nicotine or cocaine addiction. 


It protects our cardiovascular system

It stimulates the production of the nitric oxide, which is necessary for the dilation of our veins - thus reducing the risk of the heart attack and heart diseases. 


Protector of our brain function

NAC has a positive effect on our brain in several ways. It helps in the treatment of many mental disorders (such as bipolar disorder, OCD, schizophrenia). On the other hand, it also has a positive effect on people with Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's - the latter patients by slowing down cognitive decline. In adition is also greatly improves our memory. The reason for all these beneficial properties is that NAC affects the level of important excitatory substance (glutamate), in addition to the previously mentioned glutathione. 


Supporter of our nervous system

By contributing to the functioning of nerve cells, it helps our nervous system to remain strong even in the times of greater trials. 


Increases fertility

For men, even 600 mg of NAC per day can help the formation of healthy sperm. But is is also useful for women suffering from PCOS to take it, as it also stimulates their fetility. 


Dosage and possible side effects

The recommended daily intake values approximately fall between 600-1200/1800 mg of NAC. More than this can predispose to stone formation, so it is worth taking together with vitamin C, especially in the case of intensive cures, to protect ourselves from the formation of kidney stones. 

What the expectorant most often works for is the treatment of an overdose of the painkiller called paracetamol - as it neutralizes the effect. And the product, by producing glutathione, plays a major role in neutralizing free radicals, so it can also be of great help in the fight against cancer. 

However, in certain cases, we should pay extra attention to it, such as: 

  • when taking antibiotics (it is advisable to take them only 2 hours after taking the antibiotic, as it may reduce its effect)
  • for heartburn and esophagitis, as it makes acid
  • in case of histamine allergy (may increase symptoms such as headache, itching or runny nose)
  • in case of asthma (may predispose to an attack)

Do not take:

  • if you are breastfeeding or pregnant
  • if you are taking other cough suppressants 
  • if you are taking blood thinners or have a bleeding disorder (slows down blood clotting)

In addition, we should also be aware of possible side effects. NAC most commonly causes headaches, diarrhea, constipation, or bloating. In addition, other side effects occur much less frequently: these may occur blood clotting difficulties, dizziness, asthma attacks, increased blood pressure, flu-like symptoms, difficulty breathing, ringing in the ears, worsening muscle pain, eye and mouth irritation, skin reactions or psychological symptoms.

However, we don't need to be worried about all of this: most of the side effects only occur when really high doses are taken, and they usually go away within a short time. Bigger problems can occur if NAC cross-reacts with other drugs, or if the preparation is not compatible with the underlying disease. Mainly for this reason and for its safe use, it is worth consulting with our general practitioner or treating doctor or pharmacist. 


Forms and packages available at Vitamin360

Here at Vitamin360, you can get this versatile amino acid in capsule, powder and tablet form. You can easily add it to your gluten-free, vegan or vegetartian diet. Choose from products to strenghten your immune system or for your specific treatment!

NAC is now available in several packages: 

  • tablets: 120 or 150 pieces (to increase our antioxidant levels, to support our immune system)
  • in powder form: 113 or 200 g (to support our body)
  • capsules: 60, 90, 100, 180 or 250 pieces (for detoxification, regeneration of the liver)

Although its side effects may seem alarming at first, in addition to the positive effects of NAC, their frequency is almost negligible. If we know what is worth our attention and take it under medical supervision, we can do a lot with NAC to preserve our health.