Detoxification & infections

A poison (or toxin) is any substance that, in contract with a living organism, can cause harm, illness or death. We are exposed to toxins all the time, we can reduce them, but we cannot avoid everything. Very important with regard to toxins is the quantity. Paracelsus, the father of toxicology, said:

"Every substances are poisons, even if they are not poisons in themselves; it is only the quantity that makes a substance not a poison."

The further we get away from nature, the more toxins and poisons we are exposed to. Which can accumulate in fat cells. The liver is a very versatile organ, it plays a role in many metabolic processes, among others, it is responsible for the excretion of toxins in the blood (detoxification), and it also helps digest fats by producing bile. The liver is therefore the first line of defence against bee secretions.

Too many toxins will cause damage to the liver (fatty liver), making it less and less able to excrete these harmful substances. Which leads to a lots of diseases (cancer, autoimmune disease, hormone problems, etc.) and overall deterioration of health.

The main target of detoxification is therefore the liver. We offer a wide range of supplements to stimulate liver function.

Many of these toxins act by stimulating the production of reactive free radicals (hydrogen peroxide, nitric peroxide, superoxide, etc.) which can damage cells. Antioxidants are used to combat free radicals and can directly prevent free radical production ot help the damaged cell to recover. Antioxidants are also found in fruits and vegetables and are responsible for their positive effects on health.

There are many known antioxidants, with curcumin and quercetin in turmenic also having specific liver-stimulating properties.

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