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Multivitamins for men


The recommended daily intakes differ in most cases for men and women. Therefore, multivitamin preparations for men are tailored to these needs.  

Vitamin D and zinc are the main ingredients in men's multivitamins. Vitamin D plays a role in bone health, but also affects testosterone levels and fertility. The evidence for this is that the cells of the male reproductive organ are full of vitamin D receptors (the receptors through which vitamin D acts).

Zinc also promotes testosterone production, as evidenced by the fact that zinc deficiency can lead to reduced blood testosterone levels and that children with zinc deficiency have a higher incidence of growth disorders, which can be explained by the role of testosterone (together with growth hormone) in the proper growth of bones and muscles.

So adequate vitamin D and zinc levels are essential for men's health.

The vitamin supplement for men is also available in a time release form. This means that the vitamins do not take effect immediately, but are absorbed slowly throughout the day in a special capsule.