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Now Foods

If you believe in the power of nature, Now Foods will be one of your favourite brands. In the 1960s an American man dared to dream big: he set himself the goal of bringing health-supporting preparations made from natural substances to people at an affordable price. His vision worked so well that today,  more than 50 years later, the company is still owned by the family and is winning the hearts of more  and more people with its food supplements and other products made from natural ingredients. The Now Foods brand has grown into a globally popular product line, and the experts are unanimously positive about preparations that help the immune system function. In our online store, you can choose almost 800 types of Now products.


History of Now Foods

Now Foods was founded by Elwood Richard in 1968. His vision was to create a world where as many people possible could afford to buy quality health support products made from natural ingredients. Richard believed that the closer to nature a raw material is, the more effective and safer it can be in preserving human health. Today, his products are recognized worldwide, and experts recommend them to those who want to consume few artificial substances as possible.

But let's jump back few years. At the begining of 60s, healthy eating was not even yet considered a fashionable thing. What exactly is part of a balanced diet has not spread in the public mind. Richard created the food chain called Health House in Chicago area in this inimical, to put it midly, formative environment. With a degree in chemistry, Richard saw perfectly how healthy food and quality food supplements can have a good effect on the performance of the human body. In the beginning, he offered his high-quality products at quite high prices, but as a result, his customers slowly wore away -  that's when he realized that this had to be changed. This is how Now Foods was born.

Today the company's philosophy is to adhere to extremely strict rules and standards throughout the entire production process. Currently, Now Foods owns one of the most advanced laboratories in the world.

What are the benefits of Now products?

One of the biggest advantages of the brand lies in the already mentioned strictly controlled production conditions. More than 16,000 tests are performed every month on both raw materials and finished products to ensure their quality and purity. They pay great attention to ensuring that all ingredients are free of contamination and that what is on the label is exactly what is in the package. They have several American certificates that guarantee the quality of the products (USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free, GMP).

However, quality has become the trademark of Now products not only because of the strict production conditions. They work with natural raw materials, what they cannot add to their products from natural sources, they replace them with natural-identical ingredients. This is also handled with special strictness. Thats why Now products are also recommended for those akik who live with food allergies, diggestive difficulties, and food intolerances. The company also produces functional foods, sports nutrition, and beauty care products, as well as various oils.

What Now products are available at Vitamin360?

Our online store offers almost 800 types of Now products, all of which are made from natural ingredients and offer quality at an affordable price.

In the Vitamin360 range, you can find the usual vitamin food supplements, such as vitamins C, D, A or B, but mineral preparations are also available in our online store - for example, magnesium citrate soft capsules or selenium.

Among the products, you can find electrolyte effervescent tablets, creams, skin care products, fluoride-free, and charcoal  toothpaste, but also various oils, deodorants, and natural sweeteners on offer. Egg white powder, multi collagen powder, and guaranteed putity beef protein or pea protein also stenghten Now's range, but vaporizers and massage oils that create a pleasant atmosphere also cannot be left out.

If you agree with the philosophy of the sustainability and naturalness, take a look at the Vitamin360 Now product range, and choose from our quality selection!