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Graviola (lat.:Annona muricata) is a low evergreen tree with a characteristic fruit. Its fruit is mostly used in cakes, and its peel, leaves, seeds and roots are used in traditional medicine. 

Graviola is best known for its anti-cancer effects, this has been the most studied. Nearly 200 active ingredients have been identified in different parts of Graviola. These active substances have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-infective and antioxidant properties.

The extract of graviola leaves has strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and helps to heal wounds and protect joints, and may also have blood sugar and cholesterol lowering effects. It may also reduce the development of gastric ulcers by keeping the mucous membrane protecting the stomach wall intact - these effects are due to the cell-protective (antioxidant) properties of Graviola.

The root, seed and fruit extracts of graviola have been the most studied for cancer. Its effective effects have been studied on a wide variety of cancer cells, with the ability to kill cancer cells and prevent them from dividing. 

Graviola has a proven anti-cancer effect and, by reducing inflammation, it can also prevent or improve many other diseases (cardiovascular, arthritic, digestive, etc.) and stimulate wound healing. However, excessive or long-term consumption can have the opposite effect.

It is almost impossible to determine the appropriate and recommended dosage, as many methods of production are known. There have been studies that have linked Graviola consumption to the risk of Parkinson's disease, but the evidence is not strong enough to draw conclusions. It is important, as with all herbs, to take breaks, not to use continuously. After 6 weeks it is worth taking a 2 week break. Also, consult a doctor before taking any supplements.