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Our beauty products made from natural herbs and ingredients include:

  • Facial and skin care creams
  • Shampoos and body lotions
  • Collagen products

Most of our products are made from 100% natural ingredients. Unfortunately, the fact that we are exposed to a lot of BPA (Bisphenol A, a plastic derivative) in our daily lives puts a lot of strain on our bodies. BPA has a wide range of adverse health effects because, as a xenobiotic, it can mimic the effects of the female sex hormone oestrogen, thereby upsetting hormone balance. This upset hormone balance can lead to a number of adverse effects:

  • From BPA, our body's antioxidant capacity is impaired, no longer able to fight cell-damaging free radicals.
  • If the mother is exposed to increased BPA, it can damage the embryo
  • It can cause prostate problems and infertility

Although cosmetic products do not contain BPA, there are many cosmetic products that can increase the absorption of BPA in our bodies. The solution is to use natural products that do not cause these problems. In fact, there are many products available that contain extracts of herbs with added high antioxidant content, so they can improve not only our external but also our internal 'beauty' - our health.

General cosmetic product packaging may contain BPA but this is not prohibited. The packaging of most products we sell is also plastic-free - and if it does contain plastic, it is made from BPA-free plastic. For many hormone problems, one recommendation is to reduce exposure to xenoestrogens as much as possible, so it is recommended that we replace our beauty products and washing powder with products made from 100% natural materials.

From lotions to shampoo and toothpaste, we have everything that is 100% natural. Bpa and paraben free.

Our beauty products bring you closer to the coveted natural beauty by combining the wide range of benefits of plants - because plants don't contain just one active ingredient, but up to 100 different ones.

We also offer aromatherapy products and massage oils for professionals and those looking for a little refreshement and relaxation.