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Massage oils

We also offer massage oils for professionals (massage therapists and manual therapists). They are all made from natural ingredients and are free of harmful substances. They are free of BPA, xenoestrogens and parabens.

But it's not only at the masseur's that you can enjoy the healthy effects of massage oils by massaging yourself at home with a tennis ball, massage roller or massage gun. To avoid damage to the outher skin surface, it is adviseable to use massage oils.

This is because the application of the massage can cause the already inflamed and damaged muscles to become more inflamed, which can lead to increased 'muscle soreness' the day after the massage. This is an essential and important process, as inflammation is necessary for muscle and joint regeneration (healing) and if this inflammation is more than necessary it will damage muscle, joint and tendon cells, and anti-inflammatory oils should be used to prevent this. They do not eliminate muscle fever after a really strong massage, but they can prevent more inflammation than necessary.

Our lavender massage oil soothes the skin surface and, absorbed through the skin, has anti-inflammatory effects, thus helping the muscles that have been heavily used during the massage to recover and regenerate. Our arnica massage oil also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.