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Founded in 1930, Himalaya has been developing its products for more than 90 years in line with the principles of traditional medicine and modern science. Himalaya is a global pioneer in the field of scientifically accepted herbal support, with certifications that ensure the highest quality ingredients available.



Himalaya Pharmaceutical Company was founded by Mr. Manal in 1930.

His aim was to bring Ayurvedic thought into modern form and reveal the secrets of a 5000-year-old system of herbal medicine to modern people. This involved researching ancient Ayurvedic texts, selecting the right medicinal plants and conducting modern pharmaceutical, toxicological and safety tests on them, which led to the creation of new medicines and therapies.


During a visit to Burma, Mr Manal noticed something interesting:

He noticed restless elephants chewing on a root, which apparently calmed them down. The root they were eating was the root of a plant called Rauwolfia serpentina. Fascinated by the effect of this plant on elephants, he began scientific experiments. 


The world's first antihypertensive

After extensive research, the drug Serpina became the world's first antihypertensive, launched in 1934.


The legacy of herbal research

shapes the way Himalaya operates and forms the foundation of the company. Himalaya pioneered the use of modern science to bring the secrets of Ayurveda back to the fore and reaffirm them. 


From the beginning, the company has focused on,

developing safe, natural and innovative medicines that enable consumers to live richer and healthier lives. Today, even more than 450,000 doctors around the world recommend Himalaya products and more than 10 countries trust Himalaya products and use its medicines, supplements and care products.