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ESN is a high quality brand straight from Germany. Its highly nutritious supplements and delicious fitness foods make it an excellent choice for all sport enthusiasts. At ESN, they only work with the highest quality ingredients, because a well-chosen ingredient is fundamental to our long-term health.


ESN - everything from one single source

At ESN they have been researching, developing and producting their own products since 2005 and stand for the daily controlled quality, purity and safety of our scientifically meaningful nutritional supplements and functional foods.


From Germany

Their cordinates are 53°74.85.49 N, 9°70.81.48 E. They are the white buillding complex next to A 23. This position as real as their strict food safety management system. This naturally includes their hygiene concept, which guarantees the purity and quality of their products. So they always prodcuce high quality food and supplements that "work" optimally.


Advantage thanks to expertise

Most marketing companies that advertise with "Made in Germany" contract outside manufacturers for development and production. This external procurement is very disadvantageous. With us, everything is from a single source and the customer simply benefits from the fact that ESN is an authentic brand with in-house production.

Research, development, procurement, production, storage, picking and logistics they realize and control themselves! They can therefore always manufacture according to demand. This ensures their quality standards and of course always creates fresh products for their customers.


Premium raw materials

They only choose suppliers and manufacturers worldwide that guarantee the safety and quality of raw materials through the IFS Food, FSMA, BRC, GMP and FSSC 22000 standards.

In additionm, they test the incoming raw materials both by our in-house laboratory and by external accredited laboratories and then always choose the purest and highest quality.



So many goals and just as many paths lead to self-realization. This individual diversity is what makes they human. It is the core of their being. Whether in sports or hobbies, at work or in lived moments with family or friends. This conscious experience requires, above all, an optimal diet!