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Dog Mix (100 g)
Dog Mix (100 g)
Dog Mix (100 g)
Dog Mix (100 g)

Dog Mix (100 g)

Man’s best friend has specific nutritional needs. Life Extension’s Dog Mix provides the nutritional support dogs need to live healthy lives.
100 g
Special Dietary Requirements
Gluten free
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Gluten free
  • Enhances intestinal, metabolic immune health with probiotics
  • Helps maintain physical health promotes healthy brain kidney function with clinically-studied ingredients
  • Contains carnitine to support healthy energy levels body composition
We believe that all customers deserve high-quality nutritional supplements made with premium-quality ingredients. That includes our furry friends. Our pet supplements contain ingredients that are held to the same standards as the rest of our products. We make sure your pet gets the same nutritional support we give you, because they are important, too. Dogs have their own set of nutritional needs. They need carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water as part of a balanced diet, just like we do. But a lot of dog food isn’t designed with the optimal nutrients that they need to stay healthy. Dog Mix supplements your dog’s diet with nutrients to help protect and maintain their overall health.

DIRECTION (1 serving = 1 scoop (approx. 1.667 g))

For dogs weighing 20-30 pounds, mix one scoop a day into your pet’s food or a treat. Adjust amount according to weight.


Refrigerate after opening. Density may vary.


This product is not meant to replace veterinary care. Any animal not responding to nutritional therapy should be seen by a licensed, competent veterinarian. Always inform your veterinarian if your animal is taking a supplement.

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Life Extension has been motivated for more than 40 years by the belief that a healthier life is available to everyone if we strive for it. With the advancement of science and manufacturing processes, Life Extension always offers the purest and most advanced vitamins and supplements possible.

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